Monday, December 14, 2015


Inside each of us is the ability to create our own dream. It starts by believing in ourselves, honoring our vision, doing what we do, and doing what we love. Realizing our own potential and bringing the mental into the physical.

God gave each of us a talent to create and the power of a dream. It is a gift we all can bring to fruition. First we conceive, then we believe, then be open to receive. When we include the Divine in all we create, in a spirit of joy, it becomes a blessing in our lives.

If we all live according to our greatest creative ability we are in spiritual harmony. Sharing what we do best and love is contributing to the universe our greatest inner potential. It is giving our best through love.

Our lives reflect what we ourselves expect and that is what we experience. The world would be a more joyful, loving place if we living in contentment by pursuing our creative potential and receiving just compensation.

The fear we experience that keeps us performing tasks or livelihoods that cause us stress, physical, and mental anguish, would be dissolved. For they would be performed by those who creatively enjoyed such careers.

We fear failure, lack of finances, leaving job security when it is all illusion which destroys the very gift of creating we were giving. Be aware of your own creativity, your life enjoyment that fulfills your spirit self, and release its power into your life.

This is your creativity becoming inspiration in action. See yourself living in peace and harmony looking forward with joy to each new day as you honor the creativity God blessed you with and the abundance to realize your Divine potential.