Friday, July 5, 2013

Release Regret

Regret is such a terminal word for it implies being stuck in a limbo we cannot free ourselves from.  But oh, we can.  We can relive those moments that have left us with inner pain.  The regrets of things done wrong, the dream that died, the words that were never spoken, the love we withheld or that was withheld from us.

All those regrets we have held in, that have held us back, we can relive and forgive.  If we cannot share them with the person who has caused us to regret we can share it with God.

Open up your heart to Him and write it all down.  Let it come pouring out of your heart and onto the paper and if a few tears fall as well, that's okay.

Let the despair, hurt, anger, resentments, blame, guilt all speak out.  Whatever you feel, whatever you regret doing or not doing, saying or not saying, let it out, and let it cleanse your spirit.

Dear God I am so sorry that... and especially that I have let it fester within me for years.  Holding me back from achieving my greatest potential.  And when you are through let God answer.

What would you want God to say to you?  That He is sorry all this happened, that it wasn't meant to be this way?  That the Divine loves you unconditionally, that you can forgive those what hurt you or that you yourself have caused any pain to and that He forgives you?

He asks you to forgive yourself.  Write down every feeling thing our loving Father would tell you, his child.  Let it come pouring out too.  And when you read how much God truly loves you, you will weep, and be cleansed.

Finally you will be able to release the regret that have been holding you back one by one, as if a weight has been lifted gradually.  And you will realize more love than you have ever known.