Friday, July 5, 2013

Separateness of the we

This constant ache in me
reminds me that I'm still here
and somehow it becomes
...more bearable
or I just became accustomed to it
(I don't know which)
I'll know that I'm getting there
...step by step... when I start
climbing out of this cocoon
I've created to insulate me
against the pain
I've existed of course
but I've ceased to live
since you said your goodbyes
you final
My whole being is in revolt
against this separateness...
of the we... of us two
How can it go back to
just me...just you?
My heart is buried
under the weight of it all
I feel like a cripple,
which part of me is missing?
Must I limp through life
not whole...broken
What kind of future is there
for an...empty vessel?