Sunday, August 11, 2013

Let the light in

A journal is part of internal homework.  A self exam and enlightenment as you put your thoughts on paper without editing them.  Not worrying whether someone reads it, approving of and agreeing with your findings.  Who cares?

This is not about them but your own private closet you have filled with your own accumulations; mental, physical, and emotional.  It is your baggage that needs to be sorted and your decision on what to discard and what to keep.

As you clean and rid yourself of unnecessary, warn out, dysfunctional, useless and unwanted, outgrown thoughts, emotions and other various particles that have made up who you are to this point in time you will notice an increase of light in your vision of things.

You will find it is the dark thoughts and negativity that you will first want to exclude from your life.  Each one we discard, after a thorough examination, allows a little more light to come into our awareness.

The light of knowledge, understanding, compassion for the self you've been, hope for the self you can be, and a sense of peacefulness and acceptance with who you are and all the possibilities of your potential within.

When you recognize the good and beauty within it opens you to even more light and your spirit begins to shine so that others too can notice it, they may even ask what you are doing to cause such a change.

They may attribute it to being health conscious and in a way it is.  For the spiritual effects the physical and mental outlook we have on life and what you are doing is essentially a spiritual house cleaning.

A lightening of the unnecessary load you have been carrying that is contributing nothing positive to your all-that-you-can-be.  A load that is not a blessing but a burden.

Eventually you throw open the windows to self-love.  Then the light comes pouring in.  Amen!