Friday, August 9, 2013

Red Tide

My loving feet
will never lay... on your
carpeted floor, like me they
were rejected before they had
a chance to love you more
My fingers will never again run
through your waving locks
they were disentangled
and smashed upon the rocks
no more will I nestle
upon the warmth of your chest
my heart has stopped beating
locked within my breast
my lips will never touch
the sweet fruit of your own
you judged me unworthy
and left me all alone
my eyes will never search
the depths I saw in yours
you closed them tight against me
shutting all the doors
I'll stand no more with you
the sea wind whipping my hair
alone I go to where we were
for you are never there
I'll never walk the shores
with you... our feet upon the sand
watching the tide come to meet
us... walking hand in hand
my only fault was to give
you love... that was my only sin
now I am but a shadow
of the beginning that did end
I am just a leftover
someone who shared your bed
once alive and laughing
who now... might well be dead
washed out to sea
to float upon
the tide that runs of red