Friday, August 2, 2013

We are more than we think

If we think we are limited we will never realize our divine potential.  For to realize potential requires continuous growth, a process of expansion.  A seeking of knowledge.

It requires constant change.  Our self is an evolutionary process.  We define ourselves by change for we are still becoming, never completed.

We are future potential to be realized.  We are filled with discoveries yet to be.  We are an undefined miracle at work.  Be authentic to this self unfolding.  Nourish it with care.

We are more than what we do, experience, possess.  Our worth cannot be measured in tangibles.  Constant activity does not define us and is actually a form of self abuse for it leaves no time for the spirit.

To honor the spirit it requires quiet, introspection, a going within.  Without it we are on a roller-coaster to disaster.  Out of balance. Rushing headlong to calamity.

We need to be connected within as well as active without.  This is an important part of the growth process. Commune with the spirit, with the essence of self.  Be grounded.  Savor this time for it is filled with enlightenment.

Find the time to quiet the mind.  It is to practice self-value and to learn.  To expand your self-awareness.  To honor your spirit and to communicate with God.

We discover more in fifteen minutes of quiet than in hours of chaos.  It is time for an unfolding of your divine within.  To reconnect, recharge, and be in alignment with the spirit.  And to grow, expand, explore.

God always has greater plans for us than we can ever have for ourselves.  He is unlimited possibilities waiting for us to be open to them.

To unshackle our fear and dare to truly become our divine best.  God knows us better than we know ourselves.  He knows our greater potential.  He loves us unconditionally and wants to share with us in abundance.