Saturday, March 29, 2014

Keep Climbing

We all choose in life, in fact before birth, to deal with issues that will contribute to our spiritual evolutionary growth. When we deal with them consciously, thus mastering them we gain power, light and greater understanding.

We grow in wisdom and compassion and attain a higher level of love. Then we are able to move on to a higher path toward perfecting our spirit.

When we continue to give in to the issues, unconscious of our life path we continue to relive the same issues in various forms until we recognize them for what they are, learn from them and release them into the universe so we can move on.

Until then we are stuck in the same plateau, reliving the same play with different characters even into different lifetimes over and over again, until we suddenly have that light bulb moment.

Isn't it easier to seek a conscious existence now. First we must be willing to examine our life and recognize the issues for what they are, our path of spiritual growth. For without recognition we will never take the first step toward change.

To own up to your issues is to be empowered and each time you deal with it consciously you grow in power and light. It is as if a burden were slowly being lifted from you and you are finally able to take a fully expanding breath. And when you release it you feel physically lighter, brighter, and certainly more aware and in control.

There are other lessons to learn, new roads to travel, different mountains to climb, but once you are in a state of awareness you are more conscious of them when they arrive, thus more prepared .

This does not mean the next will be easier to deal with but that you know how to climb from the pit to the peak and survive and grow.