Friday, March 28, 2014

Go toward the light

Choice is about taking responsibility for our actions, our reactions, and for our lives. Being a participant in every aspect consciously and being aware of our intent in all that we do. It is called living in the light of consciousness.

It is knowing what we do creates energy in the universe, either positive or negative. When we live in awareness we harness that energy with our positive actions, thoughts, emotions and choices.

We recognize that we have the power to shape our own lives and we assume control. Living unconsciously is actually giving your power away to others. To be in emotional darkness.

One way leads to spiritual growth, the other lease us lost in the wilderness, or claiming we're only a victim of circumstance. We can choose to let the ego take control, or let our spirit guide us.

The spirit within is our higher consciousness and therefore always has our highest purpose at the forefront of all circumstances, at all times.

To be in the spirit is to be at peace within which leads to peace without. There is no negativity in the spiritual part of us. It sees only the potential and possibilities and seeks the pats that leads to the optimum growth within this lifetime.

We can choose to live randomly or consciously. It is always within our ability to make the choice. We can release the debris of pain and hurt we have acquired in our experiences or hold on to them.

Only one way leads to growth and the other to stagnation. Spiritual cleansing may cause some initial pain as we review what we have been clinging to. But then we feel the power and spiritual lightness when we choose to let them go.

The negativity we keep within is like compost to the spirit. It deteriorates and becomes toxic by constant self inflicted wounds. When we release it to the light it is no more than a nutrient that contributed to our growth. That helped to bring us towards all that we can be.

Be in the light.