Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Praise the children

Take time to share in joy and love with the children that they may know of your caring and learn from
your wisdom and patience.

Teach them to appreciate that beauty of the world and the arts that they may see what love creates up close and not the fantasy only of the televised world.

Show them that they may see the fullness of life and expand their vision of things. Help them to grow and to be empowered. It is important to experience and not to be saturated by mindless observation.

Take time to play, to sing and dance. Take time to read for the sheer enjoyment of it, that there truly is a world of wonder in books and stories.

Teach the children about their history and about God. That they understand they are always protected. That angels are always near and that their Heavenly Father loves them unconditionally.

Teach them to respect their elders and each other. That how we treat others is how we are treated in return. Teach them that we are all part of all-that-is, no matter our external differences and that the Holy Spirit dwells within.

Teach them that quiet time is good and we need not always have constant outward stimulation. Take time to pretend as it builds our own imagination and a visualization of our on creativity.

Teach them to be kind and gentle with their animal friends that they may learn to care for and show love to all living things.

Encourage them at all times and praise their accomplishments that they see their self worth. Let them make their own mistakes but try to keep them from harm. Often children are too daring and don't understand the dangers in things they do.

Take them to museums, circuses, the zoo and to story-times at the library. Let them run and play freely in the park and pick flowers in the garden.

All life is precious but children especially so. They are our blank slates. Have care with what you create.