Sunday, March 30, 2014

Change your point of view

The problem is most of the time we only see things from one perspective - ours. We judge things from our vantage point and forget that others cannot see from where we are standing because they are not only not any where near where our feet are planted but are looking in an entirely different direction.

We get frustrated trying to explain what we can see clearly and they in turn feel exactly the same. It can be possible that we are both right, it is our perspective that is wrong.

If either of us moved our position we could possibly see that immediately except that we know we are right where we should be standing and they, in turn feel the same.

Sometimes we can even be in the same spot but are on different floors. Our vantage is east and theirs west and still what we see, in truth, is an entirely different landscape. Or we can be in the same place but not at the same time.

So when issues arise we need not only to pause but to listen so that we can understand which direction they are looking toward, at what vantage point. Is where we are standing so rigid that we cannot move to a different view?

The landscape might be still attractive from a different angle. Sometimes it helps to see things from all sides. It might be a refreshing change and a new path might open that we never noticed before.

Sometimes we are so used to seeing things from vantage point we are afraid to move to a new one because it is all we know. It is familiar so we keep our eyes glued to that horizon while in the meantime our ship is coming in from a different direction.

Be willing at least to turn around so that you can see what is happening from every perspective. Welcome change and a new outlook.