Thursday, March 27, 2014

Be conscious of intentions

We are in the age of consciousness. That does not mean we do not have an initial reaction to a situation, but that we stop and examine our intentions before we act on them.

That we question our motives whether we are acting out of a sense of anger or integrity. What is the right thing to do in each situation? When we know that our intentions are for the highest good in a situation then we know we have acted in the best interest of all concerned and can release the outcome.

We learn over time not to follow our first impulse which may be a reaction of the ego and although our final decision may be toward the same outcome we will be acting toward a higher purpose.

To do the right thing for the right reason trusting in our spirit. For we are aware of our own intention behind our choice. Therein lies the key.

Is our intention toward harm or good? Is it for self-recognition or honesty in all things? When what we do is a conscious choice then it is an action of awareness not a reaction of ego and is made responsibly.

The person who is aware of the effects their choices have on others as well as themselves takes time to examine all aspects of their choice including their intentions and is truthful with themselves.

It is the path of greater spiritual growth. It does not mean that we won't worry that we have done the right thing. Be grateful that your spiritual self is developing to the level of awareness of your own intentions in your interactions and that they are an important part of your decisions, experiences, life lessons, and the resulting energy you put out in the world around you.

What we release into the universe comes back into our own lives. We mirror our own intentions, make them consciously.