Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ask God for help

Ask God's help in all things. He understands the new and the modern as well as what we consider simpler times before technology in the world.

All things come from God. Even the ideas that created the means to enter space, use the internet for correspondence, modern communication that allows us to see what is happening around the world now instead of weeks later.

Nothing exists that is not touched by the hand of God. Why do people feel He does not understand in our present age? God knew before we did that this age would arrive. In times past He dictated the means to create an ark that could not only stay afloat in the worst storm and flood in history but carry a tremendous load of animals of every kind.

Only He has the knowledge to part the sea without a dam or other contrivances. God knows more than we can possibly ever know. So don't hesitate to ask for His help with difficult things. He is the source and inspiration of all creativity.

His is the master hand that made the tress, the birds in the air which are the inspiration of flight, the waters and the fish in them. Do we not copy them when we swim?

When we seek inspiration, even in art, seek the master. He is the inventor of color in its endless hues and variety in all things from plants to people.

God loves variety so why do so many harbor prejudice? Ask Him anything as God is the only source that knows all the answers in life.

His word is the source of all wisdom into infinity. He sent His only son not only as our savior but as a teacher as well. It is only through His knowledge that we will attain peace and greater understanding.

Wisdom is learned as we grow and develop. The path is made smoother when we seek the master builder, the giver of all life.

We have not even begun to understand all that God knows.