Sunday, March 23, 2014

Make your intentions clear

Things don't always go as we planned and people don't always react as we would like them to. That's life! We cannot be responsible for every event or everybody. What we can control is ourselves. How we feel. How we react. How we allow ourselves to be treated.

We can control our intentions by looking within and honoring our spirit. We often times spend more energy worrying about what others will think than how we feel. Get over it!

Life isn't smooth sailing all the time. Storms come up, big ones and little ones, but we can be in charge of our own lives and how we will weather the storms.

We don't need to feel that we are responsible for creating every situation. Not everything in life is about us, although sometimes it involves us.

We can choose, through intention, our depth of involvement and to release what we have no control over. We cannot predict or be responsible for how others choose to react but how we interact with them.

We should not do things for others our of a sense of guilt but from love. When all our actions come from a state of love, we have done no wrong by intent. Do not hold on to a set outcome or you will be often disappointed. Only be aware of your own intentions, do the very best that you can, and let go of any set expectations.

Life does not always give us what we want when we want it but it often times gives us much more than we ever expected. Count your many blessings and be grateful.

Look for the lessons in all things that you may continue to grow spiritually. May you always examine your intentions and know that they come from a place of truth and love.

What we can change is within, and when we do the universe and those we interact with respond in kind.