Friday, March 21, 2014

First honor your-own-self

You must learn to honor yourself first and foremost. If you do not honor your-own-self how can you expect others to honor you? How we feel about and treat ourselves puts out an energy around us that others actually respond to.

When the energy is negative what we receive back is negative in return. When we are in a state of depression our energies are actually low and we feel depleted.

When we consciously see ourselves as loving, honoring ourselves, and treat ourselves in a loving manner our energy is that of light and love and attracts to itself like energy and people.

We are like magnets in that we attract what we ourselves feel and we repel that which we don't honor within ourselves.

We create our own energy field and what orbits around it. Like attracts like. When we feel that others are taking advantage we need to ask ourselves what message we are putting out, that they are receiving, that it is okay. Are we allowing it over and over while we simmer inside?

When we change our minds about how we allow ourselves to be treated, they will change theirs. It comes from within, not without.

Our values is not in how much we do for others but in how we honor ourselves. Unless we do something in joy and love we are not doing it for the right reason.

It is not selfish to say no if instead we do something out of resentment instead of love. It honors no one and will not create love where none exists.

Do whatever you choose to do out of love. The energy you actually feel in this state of mind is palpable not only to yourself but to anyone around you.

Do what you love and love what you do. Open the door to your heart and let the light of your spirit shine in all its glory.

Be a love magnet in the world. The more positive energy you put out, the more that is returned to you and so it grows.