Monday, March 31, 2014

What is love?

Love comes when we learn to seek and recognize the truth. When we learn to look into our patterns that are causing us repeated pain. When we recognize excuses, denials and blame for what they are.

When we release guilt in the search of peace. When we admit that we are worthy of love we can acknowledge that we always had it - God's love.

Before we seek love from others we must first learn to love ourselves. We must know what love is before we can give it away. We must see the truth of what love is and not the distortion we have created in our mind.

Love comes from the heart and the spirit, not the ego. Love is forgiving not only of others but of ourselves. Love doesn't blame, it just is.

God doesn't put conditions on love and neither should we. Meeting a criteria is not love, it is judgment. Love isn't fulfilled by expectations, it is an open door.

Love is generous, for real love has no limits. It is a bottomless well constantly replenished. Love isn't about control, it is a gift given freely.

Love allows us to be the best we can be. Love is not a condition we are in but a spiritual release. Love energizes, not depletes.

It is constant not a veritable that comes and goes, like the tide. We are beings of love, created in love. Each day is an opportunity of love.

If we start with love all good things will follow. We don't need to look elsewhere for love. It is something that exists in all things. We need but learn to recognize it by being in truth of who we are, a child of God.

Love gives greater purpose to life. It changes our outlooks and blesses our life. Love is an energy that can heal, bring peace, accepts us as we are and makes us one family.