Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mistaken Perceptions

We cannot see the full picture of our life but know that God can. To us it evolves and is revealed a little at a time and gradually we get a greater understanding of our purpose. We learn that life is not restricted but only seems so according to our own perceptions.

It is we who put limits on our possibilities. We feel unworthy of living life in an unlimited way, so instead of reaching for the stars we choose to settle for less. We listen to an ego that tells us we are not capable of all we desire.

We also listen to others who speak words of discouragement and take them to heart instead of turning to our Heavenly Father who would give us all we desire and more. Nothing is limited with God and we will not be happy unless we are living our truth.

Nothing created by God in His own image lacks anything but complete fulfillment unless it is of our own choosing. We forget that God created us to live in joy and fulfillment. We struggle because we live in denial of our own inner light and truth.

We are afraid of sharing and giving believing that we will deplete our resources when, in truth, all things from God are unlimited and what we give and share only returns to us ten-fold. God is infinite as are we. Only this life is finite but for us there is life beyond life.

The ego wants us to live in fear and to feel restricted so that it may gain control but when we seek and acknowledge the real truth of our relationship to God we must also acknowledge the falsehood of the ego who wants to keeps us shackled and in constant discord in order to be in control.

To follow the will of God is to give all things over to Him and to know a life of abundance, joy, and love. To be at peace within ourselves and with the world. To know others in brotherhood instead of rivals. To be in continuous communication with the Spirit and to live in total accord with God.