Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Joy is best shared

Nothing feels so blessed as being able to share our abundance with others and to allow the joy it brings to spread through you. To remember that when we receive, to share. To not be in fear that we will not have enough, but believe of you as our source of supply in all things.

Let us also remember an attitude of gratitude for all that we receive. Teach us Oh Lord how to share joyfully for everything we receive in life is a gift from you who is unlimited and help us to teach others through our own actions.

Show us how to value what we have, that each day is a blessing to be embraced and not to squander it while we wait for better, more abundant times or more success or whatever it is we feel will make us happy. The best time is always now. It is the gift of the present.

It does not mean that we should not prepare ourselves for the future, but that we should not be all consumed by it and forget to be joyful in the now. Today cannot be relived, so make the most of it you can. Do not lock your treasures away in darkness thinking to save them for the tomorrows that may not come but live in the light of God exposing all that you have to His blessings.

Remember what is most valuable to us cannot be bought, but lives in our friends and family. Spend time joyfully with those you care about. Show your love, share it abundantly in the today for tomorrow may never come or those that you do not have time for now may not have time for you later.

We teach what we live. When we teach faith in all things, to reach out, to share, to be joyful, to take time for others and especially for God we then have our treasures in each day of our life and appreciate fully the gift of today.

The gift of giving of ourselves is always a choice and the most precious thing we can give. Live it now, do it now, share it now, and be joyful in the now and always be grateful in the now. This is God's gift to you, enjoy it.