Friday, September 19, 2014

God sent the animals

God made the animals and the birds in the air as well as us. They can be our comfort and our joy. Our pets bring us companionship and often times laughter. They interact and understand. They comfort us when we are ill and run and play with us in the best of times.

God knew what He was doing in creating our animal friends. The hummingbird often comes to greet me and gives me a real bawling out when his feeder is empty. At times our pets become like family itself. Children in their own way who need our caregiving and a scratch or pet or two.

I know my life has been less lonely since my first cat showed up after the earthquake. She looked ragged and dirty and was terribly frightened but persistent. We weren't allowed to have pets where I lived and I tried ignoring her but she wouldn't go away.

Each day when I came home from work there she was waiting. Now I believe God sent her at a time when I was filled with stress and uncertainty. I was having a hard time at work and needed a dose of faith. I think now that's what I should have named her but instead I called her crum.

She was like a medication that calmed my nerves, gave me someone to talk to and care for. Since then I've been adopted again by an abandoned pregnant kitten and am now a grandma more or less. It took my mind off being out of work and in limbo as I had to feed him with an eyedropper and baby formula as he wasn't able to nurse.

Now he's a frisky 10 month old. God in his wisdom sent me just what I needed and now I have a family of 3 that don't always get along. That can be mischievous and the little one has learned to play fetch. I never thought much about it until now.

It is true that God sends what we need when we need it and sometimes it's an animal or a pet to teach us of His love. Theirs, like His, is unconditional. God has brought me peace and abundance and I am grateful for the pets in my life.