Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Life as an example

God sends us many angels in our lives, some we recognize at once, others we realize only after the fact but they all come to teach us something we need to learn in our life. Sometimes to prepare us for a new chapter or a new path. Sometimes to become our sister or our friend, to lead us in a new direction, to fill an empty space, to heal an old wound.

They may come in all shapes and forms but always sent just at the right time to fill a purpose we ourselves might not even recognize. I have been blessed with many angels, some have stayed briefly and others have become as family and enrich my spirit for life.

Some I often wonder about. Where they are, what they are doing and I wonder if they too think of me. They have all left their imprint on my life and I would not be the person I am today without them. I am grateful for each and every angel that God has given to me.

Some say, I have been an angel to them. If so it is because God has a purpose to our meeting and whatever I did that made a difference, an impression or influenced them in any way was directed and choreographed by God. I was simply a tool He used for the message He was sending and I am grateful that He was able to use me to help others.

We often don't realize we are making a difference ourselves, we are just going where God is leading us. I look forward to each day, each path along the way, for the new angels I have yet to meet and for my own opportunities to touch others as God allows.

I will always try to be my best as I never know when I am being used as a lesson for others so I choose to live as if I am, at all times. To be loving, forgiving, open to assist, to remember that all that we do and how we behave is a reflection on who we are and choose to be. Let me be but a reflection of God's love, a shadow cast in His footsteps, a flower's opening to new beginnings, the rain that touches souls when it falls.