Thursday, September 18, 2014

Giving is a Blessing

The question isn't always what we can do for ourselves or what others can do for us but what we can do for others. We can remember to pray for them for one thing. We can listen for another. Everything in life is not about us. We can value the good in others instead of concentrating on the faults.

We can give encouragement. We can share our knowledge with someone who wants to learn. We can give love when it is needed. We can share our abundance. We can make a call or spare some time for someone who needs a visit. We can always speak kindly of others instead of eagerly speaking ill.

Why would we want to talk of negative things anyway. We can teach by example. We can lead by our faith and we can spread the truth of God's love. We can adopt an animal that needs a home or better yet a child. We can be substitute grandma to someone who doesn't have one or a mom even if that person is grown.

We can reach out to others and answer when they reach out to us. We can be there in times of need, ill-health or crisis. We can give frequent hugs and encouraging words. If we have nothing else to give we can give a smile to someone who needs one. We can knit or crochet blankets for babies who need them. Mittens and caps for older children, or a warm scarf, or a sweater.

We can help look and serve at the kitchen for the hungry. Give our old books to a library. Find a favorite charity and send them a little each month. What we give to others comes back to us ten-fold. It makes us more conscious of the less fortunate and fills us with love.

Write to someone who is lonely and perhaps far away from home. Share your holidays or a meal with someone who is alone. Say hi to your neighbor. Don't wait for them to speak first. Laugh often, as it is contagious. Grow flowers that cheer others as they pass by and let a child pick one or two.

Remember to say thank you for the kindness you receive. Don't miss an opportunity to give something back to the world and to talk to God daily. He loves to hear for you.