Tuesday, September 23, 2014

God gives us peace and more

Pray together for it not only strengthens the prayers but it teaches others how to seek out God for the answers and for guidance. God always knows what is best for us and He will guide us, provide for our abundance, watch over things in our absence and always give us unconditional love.

He wants us to rely on Him for the answers and to share fully in our joys and our sorrows. In small things as well as large. Teach me, Oh God how to teach others that they may increase their faith in you. Help us all to learn how peacefully and orderly life is when we include God in all aspects of our lives.

God you are our hope and our salvation. You know what we need before we ourselves do. You strengthen our faith and help us to conquer the fears that we as humans let arise over things that are not really important or necessary but seem so at the time.

We suffer sleepless nights and anxiety over things that, in the scope of life don't really matter at all and it helps nothing. But when we turn to you and release the outcome you always see to the best outcome for all things and bring us more blessings than we dare to ask for ourselves.

You guide us on new paths, lead us to new beginnings and provide abundantly for all our needs, and more. Thank you God for teaching me to put my faith in you, for sharing my mornings and my life, for teaching me awareness and a greater sense of gratitude.

I realize that when I leave things in your hands my life goes more smoothly and joy is my constant companion. It is difficult for me to remember how stressful my life was before I learned to release my life into your hands, to "let go and let God".

You helped me to bloom as the flowers bloom and to raise my face and my thoughts toward the heavens, even as they do. You have brought light and a greater sense of love into my heart and spirit and a greater sense of appreciation of all things.

Just to look at a tree, its movement, the light and shadows as it reaches heavenward brings me peace and joy and a feeling of being part of all that is. Thank you for changing my life. I pray for the same joy for my children, friends, and all people.