Monday, September 22, 2014

Follow God's Guidance

This is a start of a new week. All that is past put behind you. Begin the week in peace and joy and with gratitude for all your blessings. God has provided abundantly for all your needs. Do not worry that He will not continue to provide, for He will.

Enjoy the time with family for that time is too soon over and then it will be awhile before you see each other again. Today is a gift and a blessing embrace it. Live it consciously. Bask in the sunlight that God has provided.

Hear the music of the birds and the sweet melody of the bells, the rhythm of the ocean waves and the call of the gulls as they circle above dancing on the currents of the air. See the sparkles, like diamonds of light on water. Breathe in the freshness of the sea air.

Take time to just be. Take time for God. Have no worries for the day or for the future for it is in God's hands. Feel the warmth of God's love and the angels surrounding you. Laugh often. Let your spirit take flight. Be serene for this is the day the Lord has made, delight in His gift and in the company of those surrounding you.

Take time to share and to hold fast to the memories you are making for these days will not come again. Hold those that you love close to your heart. God has given you the opportunity to experience a freedom you have never known and the abundance to enjoy it.

Soon enough it will be time for work again but look forward to it with joy and you will be fulfilling your purpose and serving God in the capacity you were meant to at this time in your life. You will use your talents for His glory and the enlightenment of others.

The angels will aid you in this task. To draw and write, to paint and have visions of beauty will bring peace and serenity to not only your spirit but to those who enjoy your work. As a butterfly wings over a garden you too will be free to do what you were meant to do.

To do that you came here to accomplish for love of creating. God will give you the words you need. He will guide your hand to create the pictures He puts in your mind. Just release all tension, let God provide and all will be well.