Friday, September 5, 2014

Why wait, do it now

We always have choices. We can be at turmoil or we can be at peace. We can either listen to our doubts and fears or hand them over to God in trust and faith. We are not separate from God for He is always within us, but sometimes we let our fears drown that knowledge out.

But, when we can quiet ourselves and the ego that feeds the fear we can hear that small voice within that is the Holy Spirit and we can again be in a state of peace. We need handle nothing alone but only need turn to God who will take up our burdens as His own.

He will lighten our loads and our hearts and reveal His great love to us. God is always there, it is we who are too blind to see, too deaf to hear, too lost in our own fears to acknowledge Him. Nothing is too small or too large for Him to handle. He will do for us what we cannot do for ourselves.

Share this knowledge and this faith with our brothers and sisters. What is shared becomes even stronger. God tells us that we can abide in Him. He will bring us joy, peace, abundance and right thinking. All is well in God's world and can be in ours if first we seek Him.

We do not need to wait until we are overwhelmed or troubled. We can seek Him just before all things, before each decision, before we begin our day, before we speak. We can make God a conscious part of every waking and sleeping moment of our day and God will help us rejoice.

He will smooth the way for us, calm the storms, bring us the right worlds and the necessary teachers into our lives. Every day then will be a joy. Why then do we so often wait to turn to him as if He is only a last resort?

Choose Him now as your constant companion, your mentor, your guide, your counselor, as your father and your friend. You can share your deepest thoughts with Him, your wildest dreams, the secrets of your heart and He will listen. Nothing we think or do is too trivial for God and no one knows or loves as much as God does, so do it now.