Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Men plant their seeds
within us
I guess that's why
they call it
the fruit of the womb
when you're pregnant
when you're no longer
a virgin
they say you lost your cherry
lipsticks and douches
now come in fruit flavors
to make them more palatable
your penis entered
the fruit between my legs
I wash my hair
to smell clean and fruitful
they should call the fragrances
fertile apricot, horny honey
sensual strawberry,
then we would shampoo
all over
so you could taste
the fruit of us
the men should be
watermelon flavored
for all the seediness
they carry within themselves
they say you're a real peach
if they like you
sometimes though
you get sour apples
or they give you the rasberry
fruity world
I'm full of fruity thoughts
must be I'm ripe...