Monday, September 8, 2014

aging, uncensored

I haven't yet
gotten to the point
of creaming and oiling
my face to stave off wrinkles
aging is a natural process
I know I have - what's
kindly called laugh lines
around my eyes
the only grey hairs
to be seen are
around my cunt
the rest is complimentary
of the peroxide bottle
and some coloring
my breasts are still
like ripe cantaloupes
and as yet
are not heavy on the vine
still upright
like good soldiers
my neck, and my hands
haven't given way to age
though I'd like to
zipper my abdomen together
I'm not going to censor
what old age will bring
I'm not that desperate
I'll still have something
I'm sure... to say
just don't leave me
entirely alone