Monday, June 20, 2016

An example to follow

I did not like myself for being in the system. I made pretty decent money, but it wasn't enough to bring me joy or peace. I was not serving. I was collecting a paycheck.

Do what you love, the money will follow. That really says a lot, and teaches us about the value of having passion for what you do. Service, doing what you love, has rewards that money cannot buy.

When you give yourself over to acts of love, passionately spending your time giving of yourself, you are never at a loss or lack for the things that you need.

We need much more in life than money. We need a sense of purpose. Purpose keeps you from being burnt out. Service gives you purpose. We need a personal mission that will help us focus our time and energy.

When you are on a mission, you have passion, there is an internal fire that keeps you alive. Service keeps you alive and well. We need a sense of connection that makes us feel worthy. When you feel worthy you know you are valuable, and you intuitively want to take care of yourself.

You give what you have because it makes you feel good. You give what you have because you know that the unique way in which you do what you do will make someone else feel good.

In situations when your service is not rewarded by monetary or public recognition, you are not depleted or defeated. You are encouraged to take your service to a higher level.

You are inspired to pour more love into your work. Jesus Christ mastered the art of service. He gave of himself for the evolution of others. He had no vested interest in the outcome. His joy came from serving others for a higher purpose. His purpose was his own spiritual growth. He is the example to follow.