Wednesday, June 1, 2016


We are rarely taught to serve in life. We are taught to work. Work is that act of doing what needs to be don in order to acquire the things that we need.

Work, we believe, is necessary to our ability to survive in life. Work is the ultimate measure of our value in life, or so we think. The more we earn as a result of the work we do, the higher value we place upon ourselves, deserved or not.

We work not for the pleasure of it, we work for the reward and recognition. Our attention is generally focused on what we get and the outcome of what we do. This is not service.

Service is the act of doing what you love for the sake of loving it. This is the highest work you can do in the world. Service is Divine. When you perform and act of service, giving of your time, energy, and resources as an act of love, the universe will multiply what you do and reward you with greater than expected results.