Sunday, June 26, 2016

Today's Gratitude

Is your cup half full or half empty? Do you get tired of snow when it has just begun to blow and can't wait for spring and the flowers it will bring? There's a gift in each new day if you can look at it that way.

When spring time comes around and you're planting new seeds and bulbs into the ground do you grumble and complain and say you're tired of the rain, or can you watch the rain and see its life-giving necessity?

Each season has its flow, its time to plant and time to grow, its time to play or shovel snow. It's all the same if you could see God's daily gifts for you and me.

In springtime are you impatient like the flower for the summer sun and each hot and golden hour? Do you see it as a precious time to play wishing springtime would hurry up and go away?

You say you're tired of working and want to reap the fun that awaits you, you're sure, beneath the summer sun. When summer comes and it's not warm but hot do you take this as another reason to complain a lot?

Do you stay indoors, air-conditioned and fan-blown saying it's much too hot to even cut the lawn, or sit upon the beach in sand reflected glare, which would probably damage your skin and fry your hair, you're not going there!

For you, summer is no gift but you're sure that fall will bring a lift. You've survived winter and the spring and can't wait for summer's ending. You want the kids back into school and autumn to come, crisp and cool.

You forget, autumn is also fall, when those leaves of gold, orange and brown begin to blow in the winds and drop in piles on the ground, and you're so tired of raking and cleaning and your back is really screaming.

Do you bother to collect one or two leaves to press them between pages of a book for you to bring out later on when the autumn days have come and gone?

Are you the one with face aglow who now starts talking of the pristine snow, who can't wait for fall to end so that winter's beauty will come again. Each cycle and each season God has given us for a reason. Each is a glorious thing of beauty if we see them with eyes of love, instead of wishing it away. Be thankful for each season and each day, these gifts from above.