Friday, June 3, 2016

Cleansing the soul

If we did not make mistakes we would not learn what works and what does not. Each time we make a mistake we are provided with an opportunity to be corrected. The divine spirit of life is self-correcting.

It will show us our mistakes in the form of the pain and suffering that we endure, through mental unrest and emotional dissatisfaction. Unfortunately, when we encounter the results of our mistaken beliefs, choices, and perceptions, we blame other people.

We hold others accountable for what we think, feel, or believe. We believe our experience makes us who we are in life, and then we blame the players in our experiences. The biggest mistake we all make is believing that other people can hurt us.

When we believe they have done so, we are unwilling to forgive them. That is a tragedy as forgiveness is the key to cleansing the soul and finding our way to heaven.