Monday, June 27, 2016

Blowin' in the wind

The gale force winds blew through the night and still continue today. The birds cling to the trees with hearty grasps, swaying with the big oak. The decks have been cleared of any husks and debris. One bird feeder was a casualty, the one for the hummingbirds which apparently came crashing down and the plastic insert shattered.

I might be able to replace that piece, we'll see. The snow started blowing about eight this morning, furiously changing directions with the winds, sometimes hard and heavy, and then tapering off but the wind itself is constant, powerful, and threatening.

There is no point in putting food out on the deck for the birds and squirrels as it would be blown away immediately and only one squirrel made a brief appearance anyway.

I am grateful for my double paned windows and to the well-braced doors. Some birds, including the quail, have come to the front hill and to visit the feeders, many now lining up on the front deck while the cats keep watch.

The snow turned into a blizzard, burying everything in its wake but when the wind let up to a tolerable level the squirrels came, having missed their breakfast, wanting lunch. Pesky was begging and scratching at the window and he ate shivering all the while, nut by nut, but grateful.

I filled all the bird feeders as well as they too were hungry, trying to fly to the feeders but being blown sideways in the wind but determined none the less.

The raging storm caused a power outage and the cable remained off for hours. My neighbor attempted to call me but I could locate by plain jane phone, so I hiked over to his house up the hill, and down the road.

He was pleased to see me and to have a little company besides just his cats. I'm blessed to have such wonderful people around me as well as one of the most beautiful places in the world to live.

I will have plenty of snow to shovel when the storm is over. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the show that nature has been giving me. What a blessing just blowin' in the wind.