Friday, June 17, 2016

Free again

The truth is that you are divine. All good beings are. The truth is that the divine source of life made you perfect and complete, and nothing anyone does can change that. The truth is we all forget that we are divine and act out of our human fears, beliefs, and perceptions.

In doing so, we offend one another and numb our sensibilities. We ignore one another's boundaries, we lash out, strike out, and in uncompassionate ways dump our pain on one another. And yet, at the core of things, it does not change who we are.

It makes us believe we are less than what we are. This makes us mad, and undermines us, and in holding on to our anger, we refuse to forgive. This blinds us to the possibilities of life in tragic ways. We need to learn to see this and we can begin to set ourselves free again.