Saturday, June 25, 2016

Thoughts on God

Imagine the important questions are not how often you went to church but how much did you love. Not how much did you tithe but how much did you give, not just in money but of self, of being there for others in the bad times as well as the good.

How much did we appreciate the blessings received and acknowledge gratitude and did we pass it on. To me God lives not in a building but in the world, within each of us, in our hearts and our spirits.

He is as close as a thought or a heartbeat. God wants to know if we tried to make a difference, did we uphold our values, did we use the gifts and talents He bestowed upon us, do we honor our friendships.

I don't believe God ever sanctioned us going to other countries to pillage and persecute in His name. I believe God is more about love and less about judgment. I believed God cares more about who we are and not what we have.

I believe we are all hee, not at random, but for a purpose. Life is not just about living but learning and to know our purpose. I believe that we need to give back to the universe for blessings received.

I believe God loves not just all people but all things. God loves not just the righteous, but the meek and the weary, the simple not just the grandiose. I know that God loves me and guides me.

God especially loves the children and their innocence. God loves variety, that is why He created so much of it, from the rainbows, to the flowers, to the color of our skin.

I believe God wants us to concentrate more on being forgiving and less on being right. Not just to be tolerant but loving and accepting in the truest sense. I believe that it is not so much that might makes right, as understanding and love conquer many obstacles.

I thnk it is important not only in how we live but in how we give. It should be a thing from the heart and not just from the pocketbook. I believe that one person can indeed make a difference just as the sun rises each morning, each day is a new beginning.

I start off each day acknowledging God and to focus my intentions, to be open to change and ask for guidance along the way. At the end of the day, I reflect upon my many blessings and give thanks for them.