Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Monologue on squirrels

The squirrels are full of their antics and feel it their duty to rob every bird feeder of its treasure. I found the new feeder on the ground, chewed through its heavy rope and in three parts down my back hill. First the lid, then one plastic side shield, and finally the body totally emptied and the rope gnawed.

Now I will have to find a way to fix it that its use not go to waste. Cheaper is definitely not better. The best bird feeder is the one I bought up here that was lovingly handmade by a local craftsman. Though Pesky, the squirrel, has finally found out how to breach it.

He climbs up the side of the house and with a leap and some faith, jumps off and lands on its side and both he and the feeder swing wildly for awhile as he tries to steal as much seed and nuts as he can. He will empty it if possible.

When I hear him scrambling up the wall and realize what he is up to I go out and scold him, which usually causes a quick retreat on his part, but often I find him peeking over the top of the roof to see if I'm leaving so he can repeat his raid.

Of course, while he is there the birds lose out and often times another squirrel will be at the other feeder on the front deck. This after they have already finished the pan full of treats I have already given them. They are little piggies for sure.

If you walk around the side of the house and check the feeders in the trees a squirrel can be found stretched out on a branch with his little paws filled with seeds, stuffing his mouth. The neighbors say I have the busiest house in town and often come out to watch the show.

I have taken to throwing seeds on the hill again to accommodate the birds and as I scatter it around their chorus becomes louder. I have a good section of hill cleared of melted snow and I study it like a painting, deciding best how to terrace it and to hold the dirt back from running down the drive.

I imagine poles of bird houses, statuary, maybe a bird bath among the trees and plants that will fill some of the open space with a rambling path through it. I will have to carve each step out carefully and find a way to anchor those bird houses. Maybe a few wind chimes to lend a soft melody to the air would be a nice touch. It's so nice being this close to nature.