Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Night and Day

There is nothing like the night stars on a clear cloudless sky in the mountains. Set against a backdrop of a black border with tree and house shapes along the horizon in all directions. The world seems so vast up here and yet it is a fairly small community.

The peace at night is something I treasure as well as the chatter of nature during the day. The wee birds who nest on my deck in a corner to catch some sleep or in the flowerbeds and the dirt along the sides of the house, their head tucked beneath a wing and their eyes closed to the light, but always alert to what is going on around them. At night they all return to their safe havens to await the morning until they return for more seed.

There is a rat nesting in my wood box and he has chewed a corner for easy access in and out and of course leaving droppings all around it. I am going to have to take action against it as it will not move out and it is unhealthy so close to the house and may try to chew its way in.

I know rats are God's creatures too, but I cannot tolerate them. I do not know if it is eating in the bird feeders or what. I am appreciating the warmth of the past few days. I have actually been able to wear a tee shirt and to put away the sweater until evening.

I have been very tired and suffered headaches lately. I do not know if it's sinus related or what. I have concentrated on my family genealogy obsessively, working through the confusion of timelines and family ties to make progress on it. Could be the reason for the headaches. So much to learn, tracking the family back and forth and losing my place temporarily.

My cousin keeps trying to send me a GEDCOM file from France without success, both to me and my son. He even tried to put it on a drive unit for me but was unable to load it. He had problems when I tried to send him my copy when he crashed his. Technology is another cause of headaches.

The snow is beginning to melt off. The driveway is clear as are the flowerbeds and more golden flowers are opening during the warm days. I have planted two small blueberry plants and will wait to see if they take root.

The three little roses that have survived the winter indoors I planted on the hill and said a prayer that they too will prosper. It is just a small spot but is a beginning for to in creating a garden sanctuary on a mostly barren hill. Together, me, my garden, and my cats. This is heaven, both night, and day.