Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Simply Friendship

Do not think
you must send me a valentine
because I send you one
we're not lovers
or roses for my birthday
it's not.... your day
or take me out
for a mother's day dinner
I'm not your mother
or worry about
what shall I buy her for Christmas
or other innumerable holidays
If all these considerations
to your pocketbook
are what's on your mind
to keep you away
our friendship
has just begun...
why do men worry about
such inconsequential things
when the important gift
is at hand
so they withhold
that most precious gift
themselves... their unique person
and another prospective friend
has been lost...
I only ask
that you hold out your hand
when I need one
listen when I talk
hold me close
when I feel alone
share a laugh with me
when I'm happy
a tear... when I'm sad
a crust of bread
a lick of your ice cream cone
a glass of wine
against the companionship
of candles and flickering fireplace
don't be afraid
to offer friendship
it costs nothing
and offers... so much