Wednesday, June 3, 2015

While I sleep

When will I ever learn to be
more joyous, outgoing, less timidity
years passing, I'm growing strong,
things go right, but not for long,
drawing sustenance from my faith
keeping my children warm and safe
now I'm waiting for love's sweet call
many lovers, not at all

I live my life, my deeds to do
waiting for love, but where are you?
Shall not these arms before the end
entwine with yours some time to spend?
or shall the years keep flowing by
barren of love until I die?
I search for one, strong and proud
have I passed him in the crowd?

Here I sit, my heart in grief
love came, but was too brief
I sunk my roots firm in the ground
but the tree rotted and came falling down
years have passed, hard roads I climb
waiting to return to a loving time,
for once more of love my lips to drink
and romantic thoughts my mind to think
my soul sighs and waits to turn
to teach my heart love to relearn

Time has not hardened my heart into wood
I remember love once and it was good
In time if love's dream I keep
I'll find you beside me while I sleep