Saturday, June 20, 2015

Just Be

We are here for spiritual growth. That is our purpose. What path we take to achieve it, is our life. Let us be aware of what we experience and grow by it. No words are needed to express what we achieve and none are adequate.

Just be in the moment. Don't limit it by trying to explain it. Just be! Open you heart to each event to absorb it fully. To think an event is to already begin to create an event, as the mind has that power of spirit.

Make your thoughts positive ones and you will create positive experiences. All else is to live in fear. Truth is to live in accord with the divine will. Truth is eternal. It is an acknowledgement of the existence of the divine in our everyday lives.

It is living in unity with higher spirit in greater understanding and in full consciousness. Truth is an absence of conflict. It is a letting go of expectations and accepting a higher purpose to existence. There is no fear in truth. It is total freedom.

It allows you to just be and to accept the who that you are, a divine creation of God. Bring enjoyment to all that you do, for that is living in joy. God is the power in our life. He is within us and in all life for there is spirit within all things, and a divine order in everything that exists and in every event that happens.

In divine order, we are exactly where we're supposed to be, experiencing exactly what we are supposed to experience at this moment in our life. Be grateful for this God given event.

It is an unfolding of new experiences yet to come for all involved that will bring new awareness and blessings. Be in harmony with your inner self. For to be in harmony is to be at peace in spirit with God.