Thursday, June 18, 2015


There is synchronicity and there is purpose. We may not always know the purpose of events or people God puts into our lives but recognize it as so. There are no coincidences or accidents. Did you think God would leave you abandoned?

He has give youn both the gifts of friendships and family. There is a message from Him in all you encounter, look for it and be thankful. Accept the new into your life and be open to it. Open your heart that you may receive, open your mind that you may learn, open your life that others may enter.

For in the strangers you have met you have encountered angels unaware, and sometimes, now, you are aware. When you ask He answers you. Before you even speak He knows your heart, but don't be afraid to ask for it is then that you are most open to receiving and that you release your desires into the universe that they may be heard, and felt, and answered.

You are learning. You know that the spiritual path is also a journey and you are becoming open to that. You understand and you trust that openness may also be in spaces, and freedom away from the crowdedness of the city or places of congestion.

For your spirit needs to see the mountains, the waters, rivers, and open land. Forests and wildlife, too. You are not meant to stay in congestive atmospheres. It is not where your spirit soars or your creativity flourishes.

You will see. There will be open spaces around you and everything within you, too, will open up and you will find a great spiritualness in seeing the beyond without buildings blocking your view. Your internal as well as external view are connected. Open, open, open, and it will!