Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Somewhere Still

Chimneys rising dominate belching
people air
from dawn to dark, Oh God, ...
don't you care?
the unforgettable odor, endless
ashes drifting on the ground
so bare
particles of bone, of life, of skin
and hair
they once were people, now
just ashes there
I fear my faith will break, oh let
this pass
a God in heaven would not let
this torment last
I know soon I will awaken, it
was but a dream
but the dark nightmare enshrouds
my inward scream
I feel beyond hope, you have gone
but where?
where once belief lived only
emptiness is there
I weep in silence, my tears
are all gone too
desperation erodes my everyday
forgotten now by you
now I await encased in this
showered hell
through which gas breathes, my
face red, my bulging eyes swell
in blindness I search for you
somewhere still
screaming, nails clawing walls
my lungs exploding fill
traveling toward the road of
endless sleep
with each successive blow of
each heart beat
now who to pray, and to whom
and who will weep?
The fires roar all night
and day
with body, soul and faith
we pay
as they pick our teeth and drag
our remains away
life here is hell who wants to
live that way
who once believed in you, now
I say....
would a God in heaven, if there
was one, turn his eyes away?