Sunday, June 21, 2015


We can choose not to fear by choosing trust. What has fear taught me? To let go and let God. To rely on the Lord for all my needs and to seek a greater spiritual knowledge through the teachings God puts in my path. Everything we experience is an opportunity to learn.

To be centered is to be without fear. When we honor our spirit, light replaces darkness, love conquers fear, and we acknowledge our soul's purpose. To choose a life of love is to leave the darkness of fear and doubt behind.

We are empowered when we choose to live in love. To honor truth is to transform our heart and remember our purpose. Truth is enlightenment. Be aware that you have chosen your path and you also can choose to walk it in light and truth.

God gave us the gifts of intuition and discernment to guide us. They are the doorway of the heart and keep us from losing our way. Trust in the wisdom that is the divine presence within. Let your mind be in the now, not worrying about with is in God's hands anyway.

The power of living fully is to be in the now of each moment in life. To live with an open heart and mind is to expand beyond existence, without limits, to follow the wisdom of the heart is to give yourself permission to live beyond human illusion.

Education is but a tool of greater knowing to become your highest self. Our true identity contains God as its essence. We are the centers of our world. Be fully present in it. All that has transpired in our lives is to bring us to this moment of truth and to acknowledge it and then to grow more fully through truth and love.