Monday, June 1, 2015


One shared night
is not a lifetime
a few hours to touch
are not forever
one winged heart
reaching a new height
two outstretched hands
may not deliver
the same message twice
might not repeat
the touch, the path
of your needed defeat

The rapport we felt
may only a single time
the heights of passion
may never again climb
the need we felt
might never again come
to these same two souls
once touched, struck dumb
by the possibilities of more
afraid, now numb
never able to repeat
the message they did before

Sometimes just once
we open the secret door
of unlocked hearts
and feelings we outpour
always afraid, bruised
and body sore
of being hurt and alone
as we were left before
now silenced or angry
rejected, lost. or more
whatever price it cost
not to be hurt
as we were once before

We close and lock forever
the feelings we would
like to outpour