Friday, June 12, 2015


The large green tree
was all I could see
no forest, no wood
just one large tree near where I stood
and looking the other way
just a mountain against the sky of grey
and up in the sky
a small plane is passing by
I looked all around where I could see
until my eyes again rested upon the tree

Beyond these things I could not see
they were all that surrounded me
I felt I could almost reach out
and touch them round about
and in their midst I seemed so small
like I was almost not there at all

Surely mountains and trees are tall
and a sky will encompass all
and even if I were tall as a tree
still the sky would cover me
and if I were a star overhead
still the sky would be my bed
but east to west create the part
that tears my soul so far apart
the sky not such a foreign land
I can almost touch it with my hand
and reaching out my fingers try
to entwine themselves in the sky

I touched upon infinity
and darkness engulfed me
the very air within my chest
became a weight upon my breast
other worlds undefined
took possession of my mind
and spinning round me very fast
my world became a looking glass
until expanding to behold
I saw the universe unfold
and time stopped all sound
as life passed worlds around
each day slipping before my eyes
each moon setting, each sun rise
and I had never felt so free
as when I became part of eternity