Monday, June 29, 2015

Thoughts at night

I have seen as many as six shooting stars in one night, one trailing a fiery tail for miles across the blackness of the night, like a comet in flight, and then disappear from view in the blink of an eye.

Sitting in peace in the total darkness, except for a wondrous abundance of stars, with music softly playing in the background is a form of meditation itself. You cannot help but reflect on the creator of all that is.

I wonder if there are others sitting in their own space, as am I, staring up at the heavens in awe just like me. It strikes me with awe, the beauty of the night sky winking back down on us mortals here on earth.

The night is almost silent, but if you listen carefully you'll hear subtle sounds. The snap of a twig, the rustle of bushes, bats calling to one another, and sometimes the howls of coyotes near or far. The echo of crickets surrounds me and I wonder if everyone, everywhere sat just for a minuet and looked at the stars if more thought would gravitate towards peace than conflict, towards love than prejudice, towards calm instead of fear.

Ultimately we all are the same to the stars, if they notice us at all, microscopic bits of dust in the vastness of the cosmos. But God knows who we are, our thoughts, our prayers, our desires, and our needs.

Just as He knows each star in the universe for we are both His handiwork. I am so grateful for this moment and the beauty on display for me. God led me to the mountains, and answered so many prayers. I now know peace and serenity, and the rhythm of life that is nature.