Friday, June 19, 2015

Living in Joy

We hide from ourselves what we do not wish to see so that we do not have to address the issues. It is living in denial. There is no safety or love in denial, only confusion and inner turmoil and a sense of being lost in the world, out of control.

To be whole is to live in trust and truth, in full awareness, without illusion, but in concert with spirit. In this way we are free and can grow. To honor ourselves and others we need to recognize and love the truth of who we are.

This is peace and harmony and true living. It is a consciousness of our humanity and our spirituality as a oneness of self. We love not just the exterior of a person but their inner being. Honor yourself with as much love as you give to others.

Realize you are worthy of love. Explore the being that you are without judgement. Discover the varied aspects of self. We cannot be fully with another, asking them to complete us, we must heal ourselves first.

Journey within, without fear and find love. You are your own creation. Be in joy. When we ourselves are complete, only then, can we find a greater oneness with another. The greatest gift we can give another is our authentic self and allow them to be their own authentic self.

Honor the uniqueness of each other. Fear will not exist in an authentic, loving relationship for there is nothing to hide. There is no denial or illusion, only trust, truth, and full acceptance. The only reality is love.

Don't live on the edge of life, live fully. Be a mirror to others that they may see love as a reflection. Be open, be conscious, be real, not perfect, but authentic. Then you are truly living in joy.