Friday, June 5, 2015

Let it go

I was careless when
I tasted your lips then
you just turned to go
why didn't you tell me so?
I would not have touched the wine
let your lips thirst on mine
let love blossom within my chest
or your head nestle on my breast
you could have said let it go
instead of letting my love grow
perhaps you couldn't' say
maybe you wanted it that way
how beautiful my love had been
not dead then
and so a year or more ago
we touched
we breathed the same air
that wasn't much
I know
just a minute of time to share
for love to grow
whoever said time is fair?
if time passing eases pain
then let it pass and not stop again
only a remembrance nothing more
let a year pass or maybe ten
whatever it takes to close memory's door
and make me whole again