Saturday, May 25, 2013

Life is a choice

Life is an adventure and we ourselves can be the detective who looks for the clues in the past and the present to discover just exactly who our authentic self is and how we want her/him to continue to develop.

We have the opportunity to research exactly what events developed the person we are today and how we can consciously change the direction of our life.

We have the ability to mend old wounds, to rid ourselves of blocks we have created and to become the person we would most admire ourselves to be.

It is not creating a false persona but helping to develop new patterns, releasing unwanted baggage we are carrying that weigh us down, by meditating that we may better know the authentic self within, by being consciously aware of our thoughts and actions and choosing to redirect them in a more positive manner.

We can choose to see ourselves as worthy of our own love, the love of others and accept that God, foremost, loves us unconditionally.

God does not make mistakes, and even if we were told we were an accident or unwanted, there are no accidents of creation in God's world.

He created us to experience this lifetime.  We can choose to make the experience a glorious one.  To be aware of every moment of every day, of the contributions we make to our own existence, of experiencing life in a bird's song, a soft breeze, a pet's dependence on us, serving others.

We can be in harmony with our surroundings, in our home and in our heart.  When we are in harmony, we are at peace with ourselves, our environment, with others, and with God and are our authentic best.