Sunday, May 26, 2013

Each day is a blessing

Each day is a blessing and a gift from God.  He provides for our needs.  We put our faith in him and he is generous indeed, for he gives to us in abundance that we may share.

Ask God when you are in doubt and he will answer.  Send out the energy of love to those in your life and to those who pass along life's way.

Do not be afraid but listen to the messages he sends, they are to comfort you.  Others don't understand and think you are idle or lazy but God knows the truth.

He sees into your heart and knows what is in your mind.  This is a time for personal growth and to eliminate blocks that are keeping you from your path.

You must first clear away all the debris you have been carrying with you and lighten your load.  Then the Lord will pave the way.

God has called others to find their way at the same time, there is no coincidence  but a purpose and you will know it in time.

It is not hard to wait when you are busy preparing and that is what internal growth is, a preparedness, a cleansing, an inventory for God.

Tune into the channel for heavenly message and listen, tune out the static of naysayers and seek peace.  The words are all around you.  Tune in for you will know the truth when you hear it.

God is calling.  Many are called but few are chosen, so be prepared.  Listen for the sound of angel wings as soft as a breeze for they are around you to guide you on your way.