Friday, May 24, 2013

Life is waiting

The life we've yet to live is waiting while we're stuck in the have-to's of today.  We may suffer from stress, depression, hate our job, feel unfulfilled but unable to see our way out.  We're suffering from tunnel vision, afraid to take a chance.

We don't have the faith to say "is this what I'm meant to be doing God?", and if not "show me the way".  Sometimes it is only when we get off the merry-go-round that we can see we've been going around in circles.  We only need to take one step forward, a leap of faith, to realize that when we are living our purpose we feel it.

We have a sense of contentment, satisfaction, a feeling of giving back to the world and we look forward to each day with joy and purposefulness.  We can choose to follow our dream.  Start taking classes, look into grants, make a change of occupation, or do some community service.

It's never too late to learn.  Or maybe we need to learn to love what we do.  If we cannot learn to love what we do, then we need to do what we love.  Trust that God will show us the way.

The first step is but to open ourselves to the possibility.  We have the ability to change our life by changing our mind.  Grandma Moses showed us, you can become an artist late in life, if you choose to.

It is possible to live your dream, but first you must recognize that you have one.  What have been calling to your spirit?  Take time to be quiet within and listen.  Meditate and go within to your inner spirit.  What makes you feel at peace?

Release the negative feelings that are locking you in the cage of "have to" living.  Life isn't a rehearsal, it's the real thing.  How do we want to live it?  Take time to spend in nature, it will speak to you and help you to find yourself, your true, authentic self.  The one that is clamoring to get out and fulfill the purpose of life.

The time to live is now.  Start planning your future today.