Thursday, May 23, 2013

An angel is near

The angels are with us today and every day.  They watch over us, comfort us, and encourage us.  To know your angels begin by acknowledging them.  They are our counterparts from God and take joy in the recognition of their existence that they may better serve your needs.

Ask an angel her name, you may not hear it, but you will feel the answer.  Let their love shine through in your life.  Trust in their guidance for they always have your best interest at heart.

Practice what the angels do, lighten up, be in joy, and give to others from your heart.  Remember you are never alone for the angels walk with you.  They know the truth of who you are and only want to give you love, unconditionally, for they are true spirit and are sent by God.

Some have been with us many lifetimes and down many roads.  They are our oldest friends.  They see into our heart, encourage our spirit and bring many blessings when we release doubt and fear.

They let us know in many ways that they are here, a part of the divine, as are we.  Sisters in another dimension to be with us down life's path.  They are pure energy.  They can help us increase our faith in may ways.

They are our companions, invite them in as welcome guests, old friends, our nearest and dearest.  They are not to be worshiped, for they are not God, but come from God.  You could say that we are their assignment.

They help us to weather the storms and to celebrate life.  The are pure faith in action, pure love in spirit, and messengers on duty.  They will carry your words and prayers to the highest ears and bring back messages of hope and love.

They help us move beyond our fears and speak to us in the silence of peace.  They come in our dreams.  They warn us of danger, and they teach us we don't have to do things alone for God is at hand.