Friday, May 31, 2013

That golden glow

When we were together
Everything had a golden glow
It really was like that
for me... it was is if
the whole world...
were in bloom... or like
the bright autumn colours
the yellows, rusts and oranges
and sweet smell of
everything... like after a rain.
It was a warm and golden
time... in my life
all the hills were covered
with green growth... and
the trees seemed to reach
for the sky... the sea
sparkled and glistened
as it never had before
and almost seemed to
talk to you with its
melodious sounds... coming
up to lap around your feet
wet and warm... oh, the
feel of it... and the salty
smell of the air... so brisk
maybe it's just the way I felt
that there was an extra
something that spring...
or maybe it really was
that way... because of you.